The WattBox® IP Power Conditioner with OvrC Home and Rack Mount Kit – 5 Outlets (All Controllable) is specially designed to pair with our Strong VersaBox™ Pro 14”, VersaBox™ Pro 8”, or VersaMount™. It “drops in” any of these boxes, utilizing in-wall space beneath the box to save precious real estate inside the box for other equipment when network connectivity is lost. OvrC-enablement even gives you remote feature access, real-time monitoring, and customer management all from your phone, computer, or tablet. This model offers full control of all 5 outlets, has more space for bulky power adaptors, provides premium surge protection and noise filtration, and is smart enough to automatically reboot after firmware updates. It may sound “too good,” but it’s all true. This kit includes (1) WB-300VB-IP-5 and (1) WB-ACC-300VB-RM

WattBox® Remote Power Management | 5 Outlets


    List price with 36-month contract