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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a TSTT internet customer to get this service?

No! Anyone can sign-up for the bSecure – Our Home Automation and Security Solution is compatible with any local providers’ home internet service.

What is bSecure?

bSecure is a Home Automation and Security Solution that combines robust, full-featured and do-it-yourself-friendly home automation with professionally monitored security for exceptional convenience and peace-of-mind. bSecure connects and simplifies all aspects of the home, from security devices to smart lighting, video cameras, smart locks, and more.

What does the bSecure Basic package include?

1 ClareOne Alarm Panel

2 Door/Window Contacts

1 Motion Sensor

1 Plug-InDimmer

1 Key Fob

1 Free ClareHome Mobile App

Option to select Police Response or Rapid Response (at an additional cost)

Is emergency response available?

Yes 24/7 public response services are available at no additional cost (police/fire/ambulance). Private response monitoring is also available at an additional cost of $150 VAT exclusive monthly with our response partners.

Are the items included in my package under warranty?

Yes. Items are under warranty from manufacturer’s defects for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation or the life of the contract.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, you would be required to sign a contract.

Will customers be billed for installation of bSecure packages

Yes, there is an installation fee.

Can I add my own Smart Home devices?

Yes. TSTT understands the importance of allowing homeowners to continue to expand their smart homes into the future. Homeowners can easily add additional devices, configure their favorite scenes, create custom notifications, and even create an “if then when” automation event from the smart home App.

Can I integrate with other brands?

Yes! The ClareOne panel Integrates with Brands People Love and Trust: Amazon, Honeywell, Nest, Eaton, Denon, Sonos, Chamberlain, Google Assistant, Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, Sony, Ecobee, Lutron, Samsung, and many more!

For a full list of supported devices please click here.

Can I use my existing camera system with bSecure?

Yes, you can use your existing cameras with the bSecure system. However, additional equipment may be required for the integration. Please contact us for details of the required equipment.

What is the ClareOne Alarm Panel?

The ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel is the first professionally installed controller that includes full-featured home automation and professional security monitoring in a single, unified touchscreen display.

Would my panel still work when there is a power outage?

Yes there is a 24 hour battery backup built into the panel

What is the ClareHome App?

The new ClareHome App elevates control of all devices and systems connected to your Clare system – security, door locks, climate, lighting, and more. Personalize the App to your preferences and for each family member as well. The ClareHome App lets you view the status of your whole home.

Are there differences between the ClareHome mobile application and the ClareOne panel user interface?

No. Unique to the Clare systems is the unification of the interface between the panel, auxiliary keypads and mobile interfaces. While the scope of the interfaces may differ from release to release, the user experience is expected to be largely common across all.

Can I use the ClareHome app when I am not at home?

Absolutely! Being able to check in and change the status of devices in your home even while you’re away is one of the coolest and convenient features available that you can do with your smart home system. You can even receive notifications on your smartphone or smart watch if something happens at home.

What happens if my Wi-Fi goes down?

In the event connectivity is lost due to a disruption in a customer’s broadband service, the ClareOne panel will automatically switch to the internal LTE radio for communication to ensure there is no impact to the service.

bmobile provides a back-up LTE connection at no extra cost to the customer.

Can I use the LTE sim card to make a call or create a hotspot?

No, the LTE sim is provisioned to work with the smart home system only.

Where can I get additional support?

You can email us at bsecuresupport@tstt.co.tt for all the support and assistance you need.

Can existing customers with bmobile Vigilance packages upgrade to bSecure?

Yes, customers with these packages are eligible to upgrade.

What are the other bSecure packages available to customers?

The bSecure Max and bSecure Surveillance packages are available

See all our packages here.

Is there an option for customers to purchase their equipment upfront?

Yes, customers will be billed a one-time cost for the equipment.

What are the penalties incurred if a customer gives up his service before the contract period expires?

Termination charges are applicable for the remaining months of the contract.

Is there any special electrical requirement for the Clarevue In-Wall Dimmer to operate?

Yes, a neutral wire is essential for operation of the CVL-IWD-10 and must be present in the light switch box (single gang).